Billing FAQs

Q. I have medical insurance, so why do I owe anything?

A. The services your child received may not be covered by your insurance, so you are responsible for the balance due. Or your coverage may include a deductible or co-insurance. Also see, “I was charged for that?”

Q. What is a deductible?

A. A deductible is set by your insurance plan, and it may apply to all services, or just some services. For example, laboratory services may have a $200 deductible. This means that your insurance will not pay for laboratory services until you have paid $200. To find out if you have a deductible, please contact your insurance company.

Q. What is co-insurance?

A. Co-insurance is a specific percentage that your insurance expects you to pay on some services. Your insurance company can tell you what services are included.

Q. Why do I have to pay my copay every time my child is seen?

A. Your copay is part of the agreement between you and your insurance company, according to your specific plan. It is also an obligation that we have as part of our contract with your insurance company to collect a copay at each visit.

Q. If I think my insurance company should have paid you, what should I do?

A. You should call your insurance company and discuss it with them.

Q. Will the doctor tell me if a service is not covered by my insurance company?

A. The doctors and other clinical staff have no way of knowing what is or is not covered by your insurance, because the individual plans are so varied. There is no one size fits all coverage. To know if a service is covered under your plan, please call your insurance company.

Q. What if I am divorced or separated and believe my former spouse is responsible for medical bill payments?

A. Statements are sent only to the parent who lives with the child, and we consider that parent the responsible party. If that parent feels that the former spouse should pay the balance or your divorce decree says the former spouse is responsible, you must make arrangements between yourselves to pay the financial obligation for services. Only one statement is mailed, and payment is due when the statement is received.

Q. Can I pay my bill online or over the phone?

A. Yes. You can pay online at to pay by phone call:
Charlotte Cato at 770-977-0094 extension 146.

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